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The Motivation Alliance® is BSDI's comprehensive, turnkey web portal solution for your health promotion program. The Alliance features a rich suite of health promotion tools for your participants organized around five epic health pursuits:

  • Athlete for Life (activity promotion)
  • Junk Food Averse (healthy eating)
  • Self Aware (stress management, goal setting, health awareness)
  • Master of Change (tracking biometrics) and
  • Shared Purpose (sharing the journey, building social and emotional health).

We use principles from the field of "game mechanics" to drive the design to maximize the fun and engagement of The Alliance. But make no mistake: The Alliance is all business in the way that it can drive healthy behavior change.

Incentive Programming

Incentive Programming

BSDI was one of the first vendors to create software for incentive programming when we did it nearly 20 years ago. Our incentive management tools have gotten a lot better since then but one thing always stands out: a drive to offer the most flexible, effective tools in the industry.

The Alliance incentive program is built around the badges that clients earn by participating in the program or that you define to extend the system. Thus, The Alliance incentive architecture rewards specific, discrete behaviors or achievements such as reaching specific biometric goals. This is in contrast to the "points" systems found in traditional incentive systems. It is very straightforward to lay out your incentive program and to follow up with reports that provide the specific status of all of your participants.

Incentive programs have been criticized - appropriately - because the external incentives they use don't create the internal drive necessary for long-term behavior change. But a well-designed incentive program isn't just about having participants perform specific tasks; a good program is instead a driver to bring participants into an engaging, intrinsically rewarding program - like the Motivation Alliance! Once there, they can navigate their own way toward goals of their own choosing and begin to take real ownership of their own health.

Health Risk

Wellness Profile HRA/HSA

BSDI offers the Wellness Profile: a detailed Health Risk/Health Status assessment that is perfect for capturing the state of your population. Our HRA covers common medical conditions, CHD risk profile, exercise and dietary habits, medical system usage, substance abuse, psychological and spiritual state, readiness for change, and more. The Health-Related Productivity Loss Instrument (HPLI) is built right in as well to give you detailed analysis of productivity losses due to medical impairments.

Unlike other companies that "validate" their HRA by paying for a badge to place on their web site, BSDI funded a large population health analysis study with the University of North Carolina to fully validate every aspect of the HRA. The biostatisticians at UNC used the best methods offered by modern biostatistical analysis to ensure that you will be deploying a state-of-the-art assessment.

The Wellness Profile is shared with the Classic platform.

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Challenge of the Day

The Alliance features a daily challenge: a health-related task that offers participants a concrete activity that will help them advance toward their goals. Users can customize their challenge types and difficulties so that they stay relevant. Challenges may inspire participants to be more active, to choose or consider healthier nutrition, or to simply reflect on their goals and personal challenges. Participants customize the Challenge of the Day by picking a focus area and, for activity challenges, the difficulty of the challenges they wish to accept.

Participants who indicate that they use tobacco when they answer our HRA or Readiness for Change questionnaire are also offered a daily Smoke Free challenge and access to our smoking cessation program.

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Athlete for Life

In keeping with our 'Gamified' approach, the activity area is given the epic name "Athlete for Life." Participants can log distance workouts such as walking, running, swimming or cycling; other aerobic workouts such as classes or stair climbing; and detailed strength workouts. Throughout this module, advanced tools such as predicted max lifts, best times and performances, and graphical charts of progress inspire participants to get - and stay - active. Participants can earn a variety of badges based on either persistence (e.g. '5 Days Strong' badge for 5 strength workouts in two weeks) or great performances (e.g. 'Fast and Fit' badge for running an 8-minute mile). Of course, these badges can be used in your incentive program as well.

A healthy meal

Junk Food Averse

Our Junk Food Averse interface offers a detailed food log including analysis of caloric intake and macronutrient ratios. The food log features the massive and validated Nutritionix online database as well as BSDI's 'Community' defined foods: nearly 100,000 foods in all. This area also features a beautiful interface where participants can browse hundreds of healthy recipes from They can search the recipes, mark their favorites and print them out - including detailed ingredient lists to take shopping.

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Self Awareness

The Self Awareness module is focused on helping participants to understand their risks, set personal goals, deal with barriers and learn how to master the skills needed to build a healthier future. It is anchored by BSDI's fully validated (but optional) Wellness Profile HRA/HSA. The client can also explore their long term goals, track short term goals, determine their Readiness for Change and take BSDI's popular "True Age®" questionnaire. The Self Awareness area is also the center of BSDI's stress management challenges and tools.

Master of change

Master of Change

If you want to improve something, you must measure it. With that in mind, the Master of Change area gives participants a place to track their personal fitness and biometrics. It offers self-paced tests for cardiovascular fitness, body composition (bodyfat), strength, flexibility, blood chemistry and blood pressure. The mobile version of the cardio tests comes complete with timers to make the assessment easy.

Engaged Woman

'Game' Mechanics

Games are some of the most engrossing, engaging activities ever devised by human beings. A well-designed system can apply techniques and principles from the world of games - game mechanics - to non-game environments to make them more enjoyable, engaging and effective. Tasks that satisfy our need for cooperation as well as competition, achievement, self-expression, altruism and closure are just naturally rewarding. In contrast with traditional health promotion software that tries to encourage a healthy lifestyle through rote learning or external incentives, BSDI's Motivation Alliance builds a healthier population by appealing to these innate drives. The Alliance implements the full suite of game mechanics including progress tracking via points, badges for special recognition, leaderboards, a 'Hall of Fame' where participants can recognize each other via 'kudos', and a built-in social platform where participants and their Allies can share achievements. If two allied players finish an achievement, they both earn more points than they would alone; inspiring them to work together.

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Team Challenges

If you would like to run a Team challenge, then Motivation Alliance has you covered.

You can create a Team Challenge as a performance or improvement competition. In performance challenges, participants compete on the basis of the number of steps, miles, or minutes of exercise they complete during the competition. Improvement competitions will challenge participants to lose weight, improve Vo2Max (cardiovascular capacity) or reduce bodyfat.

The team challenges are quite flexible. By default, participants enroll in the overall challenge and then can form or join teams. However, you can also configure The Alliance to automatically create and populate teams or to leave all team assignments up to staff members. Participants see their team's standing as well as the contributions of each member on their Team Lean Challenge page.

Picture of BSDI's Mobile app

Alliance Mobile App

Mobile platforms are rapidly overtaking the desktop as the preferred way for people to work with web portals and other software. The Alliance features a powerful web app that let's participants accept their Challenge of the Day, check their profile and game status, log their workouts and retrieve workout templates, log their food consumption, check and update their daily goals, and more. The Alliance mobile web app is built using the latest generation of JQuery mobile software so it provides a sleek, efficient interface for common wellness tasks.

Woman checking her health app

Health Apps and Wearables

Are you wondering how your program can take advantage of the exploding interest in mobile health apps and wearable tech? Easy! The Motivation Alliance integrates with FitBit, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal, Strava, Jawbone, and many other wearable devices, scales and biometric equipment to give your participants seamless access to their data. While each device or app covers a slice of the health and fitness space, only The Alliance gives your participants a central place to see how all of their information comes together to support their goals. And, it brings your program into the wearable tech age.

The Motivation Alliance® features an extremely powerful coaching and administrative "back end." This back end permits administrators to deeply configure the participant experience, prepare content, perform data analysis, send bulk email, set up the enrollment process, import data files, place items on the calendar and more.

The coaching interface is, if anything, even more powerful than the administrative tools. These are generally - but not always - used by a different set of staff members: PHI-cleared coaches. Coaches can track actual coaching sessions, perform fitness tests, record medical status, send messages to participants, and more.

Coaching Tools

Coaching Tools

BSDI's first product was a tool for coaches so it is no surprise that we have first-class coaching tools in The Alliance. Coaches with appropriate PHI privileges can review a participant's online activities and logs and provide a broad range of services such as fitness assessment and workout preparation. 'Coaching Templates' can be used to ensure that all coaches cover essential territory. There are templates for the initial visit, first follow-up and subsequent coaching sessions. Coaches can record the interaction in detail and are guided as to the basics that should always be covered. If another coaching session is scheduled at the end of a meeting, The Alliance will even send a follow-up email that will place the meeting on the participant's calendar.

Enrollment workflow

Enrollment Workflow

Enrollment is a surprisingly varied art and many web portals struggle to get it right. The Alliance offers a rich and robust enrollment workflow so participants can be prompted for:

  • Participant demographic data
  • Category (e.g. location, department, etc.)
  • A Consent/Release Form
  • The Wellness Profile HRA/HSA
  • ACSM Medical Readiness for Exercise
  • PAR-Q Readiness for Exercise
  • Membership Selection
  • A Physician Consent Form (PCF)
  • A "High-Risk" release form in lieu of a PCF

Enrollment can be done by having new participants enter their data or we can import data from an HR database so that your members need only "activate" their account and only people in the database can create accounts. We can also use an HR feed for employees while still permitting spouses and dependents to enroll under the employee's account.

Data analysis

Data Analysis

It is no exaggeration to say that BSDI offers the most powerful data analysis capabilities of any vendor in the industry.

The Alliance has over 50 "data analysis centers" covering the data collected throughout the system. They feature an easy-to-use "query by example" model where you can simply type in values to restrict the data shown. There is also a more powerful query builder that lets you compose and save more complex queries. Each query center also lets you create a "group" consisting of only the participants meeting your criteria so that you can target them with a focused email campaign or use them as a starting point for additional queries (query chaining). There is even a "Within Subjects" wizard that lets you create multi-year queries having the same participants in all years; perfect for doing analytics to determine program effectiveness. Our "pivot grid" analysis centers let you enter and remove variables in an analysis, on the web, in real time.

The data centers can also export data to Microsoft Excel, a PDF file or even Microsoft Word. In addition to the data analysis centers, The Alliance comes with a variety of prepared reports covering common data tasks. Queries containing Protected Health Information are only available to PHI-cleared staff.

Doctor and Nurse weighing a participant

Biometric Integration

Comprehensive, evidence-based health promotion programs often make use of on-site biometric programs (weight, height, blood panel, etc.) so they are anchored in hard data. The Alliance integrates with such programs with a complete set of biometric dashboards, a special biometric interface that on-site personnel can use to enter data, a flexible biometric data import interface and full integration of biometrics with the Wellness Profile.

If you would like to have a biometrics team come on-site to provide full-spectrum service (e.g. during a health fair), BSDI can help you arrange that as well via one of our biometric partners. This gives you the best of both worlds: an onsite biometrics collection program and a comprehensive, gamified back end to deliver results and engage your participants over the long term!

Check In

Facility Check-In

The Motivation Alliance® is unique in the health promotion world because it integrates directly with your fitness facility via our Check-In module. The Check-In module is a comprehensive front desk attendance solution built to work with scancards and offering a rich set of advanced Check-In features. You can have classes from your calendar appear on the Check-In monitor so that you can track class attendance, place equipment lists there to track the popularity of equipment, notify participants needing a physicians clearance or flag people whose membership has expired.

BSDI is one of the world's leading health promotion technology companies. Our Motivation® web portal is the technology behind programs at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. Air Force, nationally prominent health and medical organizations, and dozens of Fortune 100 health promotion programs. We also support hundreds of small health promotion programs because Motivation is both easy to deploy and amazingly cost effective.

BSDI's new Motivation Alliance® system is a gamified web portal built to support evidence-based, comprehensive health promotion programs while maximizing fun and engagement. Read on to learn more!

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Web Portal Solutions

BSDI offers the Motivation® Classic and Motivation Alliance® health promotion web portals.

Motivation Classic is our flexible web technology for building a highly customized web portal for your health promotion program. Click the "Classic" link to learn more.

The Motivation Alliance® is our newer, full featured health promotion web portal built around the concepts of game mechanics to enhance engagement. The Alliance also features a mobile web app. Click the "Alliance" link to learn more.

The Fitness Analyst® windows software was offered for over twenty years and BSDI still provides reasonably-priced support for legacy customers. You can access the Fitness Analyst support site at

Security and Availability

Security & Availability

As a contractor to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and several major banks, BSDI has had to meet the most stringent criteria for security and availability in the industry. Our infrastructure, hosted at a top-tier, SAS 70 Level II-certified data center, consists of a web farm with over a dozen servers, a high-availability database cluster with encryption at rest and in transit, powerful load balancers, and dedicated security appliances to continuously monitor the traffic to and from our portals. Power, connectivity, and environmental management systems are all multiply redundant to assure high availability.

BSDI personnel with access to the infrastructure all have U.S. Government Security clearances. Our infrastructure is managed by a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and is subjected to continuous monitoring and frequent security audits. All of this means that you can rest assured that your protected health information (PHI) is in the hands of a partner with an aggressive, forward-looking security policy and an unmatched infrastructure. The Alliance and its supporting infrastructure is fully HIPAA-compliant.

Partners and Providers

Security Updates

Security Updates

As the security landscape changes, BSDI likes to keep its customers updated on topics that affect them directly. The following is an archive of security topics previously communicated to our customers. If you are the security point of contact for your organization but have not received security updates please contact support@bsdiweb and request to be put on our security notification distribution list.



Security Update June 27 2014:

Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8 Reach End of Life

Security Update October 17 2014:

POODLE Vulnerability found in SSL3.0

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