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BSDI is an award-winning leader in health promotion technology located in Califon, NJ. We take pride in our 25 years of experience producing feature rich, flexible technologies that cultivate daily lifestyle habits to improve population health.

Who We Help


We help you motivate your employees to lead healthier, more active lives! The Motivation Alliance® will help you to instill a culture of health in your company. A broad array of configurable wellness tools, including team challenges and incentive programs, will jump start engagement.

Hospitals / Health Systems

We provide a comprehensive suite of biometric tools and assessments to track your population’s change over time. Engaging in a Community Outreach program? Our software flexibility allows you to enroll and engage separate populations.

Brokers / Resellers

Missing the technology piece for your clients? Insurers and Third Party Admins love our cost-effective, feature rich platform’s flexible programming alternatives like: optional wellness profiles, team challenges and biometric uploads. Managing a fitness center? We have Check-In options too.

Wellness Consultants

Tasked with reducing costs, increasing retention or improving outcomes for your client? Our social engagement features help boost morale and productivity and our team challenges get people out of their seats. With tons of options available to you, we are a cost-effective, one-stop shop for all your client’s goals.

Fitness Professionals

BSDI has been an award-winning leader in fitness assessment for the past 25 years. Our new NextYou Coach platform contains all the assessment tools and programming options you need to help your clients create healthy daily habits and achieve lasting change over time.

More than

1 Million

Clients Enrolled or Assessed
More than

3 Million

Fitness Assessments Completed
More than

200 Million

Steps Taken
More than

4 Million

Minutes Exercised

Our Product

Personal connection with clients and their goals is very important to us. If you are looking for something beyond a one-size-fits all approach to wellness programming, learn more about the Motivation Alliance.

Motivation Alliance

Wellness is better together. Our gamified, social, highly configurable DIY health promotion portal provides you with all the tools you need to design and implement a successful wellness program. Configure it for your population and create your own culture of health.

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"Exercise is a potent tool for enhancing wellness. BSDI offers the most powerful movement tools and fitness assessments in the field."

- Dr. Mark Brittingham, Founder

Our Story

BSDI was founded in 1991 by Mark and Pam Brittingham when they created fitness assessment software for a local health club and gained the attention of prominent academics. In particular, Dr. David Nieman, FACSM, encouraged our founders to create a company. The rest is history…


Meet Our Leadership Team


Our co-founder and resident innovator, Mark is our CEO, lead developer and company visionary. Though always busy creating something new, his door is always open.


Founder | CEO

Pam Brittingham

Pam is the co-founder and heart of BSDI. She directs the sales efforts for the company and helps set our direction. She has a warm, personable nature and brings an honest and flexible approach to every sale. Call her any time!

Pam Brittingham

Founder | Vice President, Sales

Erica Hines

Partnering closely with our larger clients, Erica brilliantly coordinates custom work, steers new product features and as our resident Health Promotion expert, guides incentive programming design.

Erica Hines

Vice President, Product Operations

Michael Willock

With a passion for intelligent design and advanced development, Mike steers BSDI's technology efforts. He is an amazingly talented developer while retaining the ability to see the world through the eyes of our users.

Michael Willock

Director, Web Development

Security With Every Solution

With clients like the U.S. Government, we have passed some of the most rigorous security reviews in the world. Learn how our security measures protect the health information of your participants.

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