Who we are

BSDI is an award-winning leader in health promotion technology located in Califon, NJ. We take pride in our 30 years of experience producing feature-rich, flexible technologies that cultivate daily lifestyle habits to improve population health.

The Personalized Wellness Platform

Motivation Alliance™ unifies the wellness experience, enabling organizations to build a comprehensive, customized program, tailored to their culture. Administrators love the flexibility and power to plan, implement, and analyze their program, their way.
Every day, people deliver game-changing, career-making wellness programs with Motivation Alliance. We have earned the trust of clients like the US Department of Health and Human Services, the US Air Force, major hospital systems, corporate wellness programs, and third-party administrators.
Who we help
Create a culture of health using an array of configurable wellness tools including challenges and incentive programs. Our easy to use interface jump starts engagement.
Clients asking for lower costs, better retention or improved outcomes? Social features boost morale and programs create engagement. Our configurability makes us a cost-effective one-stop-shop.
Hospitals love the easy interface, ability to serve subpopulations, URAC-approved health and fitness content, tight integration with claims analysis and biometric screening, and powerful back-end analytics.
Fitness Professionals
Managing a fitness facility? Our coaching tools, fitness assessments and communication options help you create lasting change for your members. We have check-in options too!
Third Party Admins love our cost-effective, feature rich platform’s flexibility. We let them brand and configure multiple sites on one platform so they can view analytics by client or across populations.

Earning Engagement

Engagement is a Journey that evolves over time. When you bring fun, cultural relevance, and compassion to your employee wellbeing program, engagement will naturally follow.
Partners and Providers
What Our Customers Say
Melissa, Director of Colleague Wellbeing
Tanya, Wellness Program Manager
Kevin, Wellness Coordinator
A Message from Our President

As you evaluate portals, consider for a moment why BSDI is "right-sized" for your hospital, community or TPA program.

Most vendors deliver rather inflexible technology, appropriate for standard corporate programs or organizations that are outsourcing their entire wellness effort. Organizations with in-house health and wellness staff, however, need a technology-first provider with deep experience in the field. And that is where BSDI comes in! We let you dynamically address the needs of your community with a flexible, highly customized solution. You can even create multiple, distinct programs across different populations within a single portal. If you serve other companies in your community, you can take this even further: adding 'micro-sites' to deliver focused, branded solutions.

As a vendor to the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), BSDI is highly tuned to the latest security requirements and regulatory frameworks. Because HHS requires complete Section 508 compliance for accessibility, we also support a broader, more diverse population than other vendors. Our 30 years of history and origins in academic fitness also means we support a greater range of coaching services and are uniquely positioned to help organizations with a medical fitness or senior-focused wellness center.

In short, BSDI is really quite unique. Our technology is optimized for the hospital/community market in ways no one else can match and we give you tools and options you won't find anywhere else.