Who we are

BSDI is an award-winning leader in health promotion technology located in Califon, NJ. We take pride in our 28 years of experience producing feature-rich, flexible technologies that cultivate daily lifestyle habits to improve population health.
Our Platform
Our award-winning platform unifies the wellness experience, enabling organizations to increase the rules of engagement. Motivation Alliance provides the flexibility program administrators need to plan, implement, and analyze their programming through a collaborative and secure platform.
Every day, people deliver game-changing, career-making wellness programs with Motivation Alliance. We have earned the trust of our clients which include U.S. government agencies, universities, hospital systems and third-party administrators.
Who we help
Create a culture of health using an array of configurable wellness tools including challenges and incentive programs. Our easy to use interface jump starts engagement.
Wellness Consultants
Clients asking for lower costs, better retention or improved outcomes? Social features boost morale and programs create engagement. Our configurability makes us a cost-effective one-stop-shop.
Biometric tools and data analytics track population change over time. Software flexibility lets you enroll and engage separate populations for Community Outreach programs.
Fitness Professionals
Managing a fitness facility? Our coaching tools, fitness assessments and communication options help you create lasting change for your members. We have check-in options too!
Third Party Admins love our cost-effective, feature rich platform’s flexibility that lets them brand and configure sites by client while hosting them on one platform.
Partners and Providers
What Our Customers Say
Melissa, Director of Colleague Wellbeing
Tanya, Wellness Program Manager
Kevin, Wellness Coordinator
From our President, Dr. Mark Brittingham

As you evaluate vendors, consider for a moment the distinction between Corporate and Community wellness portals and why BSDI is "right-sized" for your hospital/community wellness program.

Most corporations do not have full time health professionals on staff to run a health promotion service. Thus, those companies that focus on corporate health promotion provide staffing as well as technology and, of course, price their offerings to match. Which means that you'll be paying for these services even if you don't use them. Corporate offerings are generally quite static as well: services that are tuned to the specific needs of corporate wellness programs rather than flexible tools that can be molded to the specifics of your program.

The health professionals in your organization may need a bit of guidance getting set up (and we provide top-tier service and extensive tutorials for just that reason). But once you are running, you need tools that let you dynamically address the specific needs of your community; one that is likely to be far more diverse than that of a typical corporation. You may have specific requirements for Medicare and Medicaid, requirements for addressing the HIPAA/HITECH/GINA/ACA regulatory frameworks, and a greater diversity of services for coaching - especially if you have a medical fitness center in your system. That is why we focus on the needs of the hospital / community market - to ensure that you have the right tools for the job. If you are hoping to offer services to corporations in your community, BSDI is focused on helping you optimize your offerings. In contrast, corporate-focused vendors will essentially be competing with you for their business over time.

BSDI's solution is uniquely tuned to the needs of hospital and community wellness programs. We don't seek to replace your health professionals but to empower them. Because we seek to partner with your health professionals rather than replacing them, BSDI's solution is "right-priced" for your needs: saving you money better spent on serving the needs of your community.